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June 5, 2006

wordpress really needs a CAPTCHA

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… and less busybodies on their forums.

*Lame* captchas are easily worked around.

I think a workable solution is to provide at least a dozen characters and then prompt for something like "the first four charaters, but not the one before the last, that are blue and red, and even where appropriate". Naturally mixing up which characters are requested. This requires *comprehension*

The whinny ADA would have CAPTCHAS verboten. Disallowing CAPTCHA on an internet protocol designed to share COMPLEX VISUAL content at the behest of a tiny minority of visually-challenged individuals is a bit vexing if not right out inane. Its right up there with making the SAT easier because low scoring students feel bad.

"Thank you for telling me that I'm not invited to your website"

That's exactly the response I got last time. That didn't stop them from complaining… so with the right motivation they can cope just fine. So it really boils down to controlling other people.

"A simple call to an attorney"

Hey I'll do that right now. Please hold.

My attorney says personal sites do not fall under the pervue of that act. The ADA requires "REASONABLE ACCOMODATION where it can be done without undue hardship".

It applies ONLY to businesses, primarily employers. Personal WP sites are neither. So unless I'm a commercial operation employing five or MORE employees it doesn't apply.

When wordpress provides service to those who similarly do not fall within the pervue of ADA (like me) then there's no law-violation in implementing visually challenging catcha — AND there's no case law preventing that.

Speaking of ignorance… you're glowing. MY SAT reference had ZILCH to do with equal access.

Title IV applies to employment and public access BUSINESSES. Your 'argument' is horrifically unsubstantial. Show me the apellet court decisions that require a private website to make such accomodations.


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